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Just Passing Through is a short documentary film on life as a full-time musician in Australia. Artists’ Gareth Liddiard, Sarah Blasko & Paul Dempsey clear a space in the messy tour van of their lives, to detail the long road behind overnight success.

This is fame and fortune Australia style – unglamorous and hardly secure.

Character Biographies

Garath Liddiard

After starting the Drones in 1996, Gareth moved from Perth, Western Australia to Melbourne. With the band he has released multiple studio albums as well as one solo release, to critical acclaim. The Drones’ 2005 album, Wait Long by the River… was awarded the inaugural AMP prize with it’s lead Shark Fin Blues being voted by a poll of contemporary songwriters as the greatest Australian song.

Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko is an Australian solo artist. Her self-produced album I Awake, was released in 2013, having been recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and in Bulgaria with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra. This is her fourth album. She has received numerous accolades for her works as well as for her collaborative album with Seeker Lover Keeper. In 2008 Sarah composed the score for Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She began her career in 2002 fronting Sydney-based band, Acquiesce.

Paul Dempsey

Paul is the founder and principle songwriter of Something for Kate. The band performed their first show at the Punter’s Club on Sept 12, 1994 and went on to tour extensively throughout Australia and internationally. He has released multiple studio albums and gained 11 ARIA nominations. Paul’s 2009 solo album, Everything is True, was named the album of year by iTunes and gained top 10 listings from Rollingstone and Triple J.

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